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A Selection of Comments

"I thought you might like to be one of the first to hear our news…….Xxxxx is pregnant. It’s very early days (she’s 6 weeks), and we realise there’s a long way to go, but we’re absolutely delighted.(and amazed)!"

Mr C. NW

"I first want to thank you and your team for such wonderful care and attention, I felt very well looked after and can't praise you all enough"

Mr R

"We thought you might like to know that we have just had it confirmed that I am just over 12 weeks pregnant.   So the operation was evidently a complete success. We are obviously extremely delighted.   Thank you very much for all your hard work,  and aftercare advice, without your help this would never have happened"

Mrs M London

"Success, I am very happy to let you know that Xxxxx is pregnant. I have not been able to find time away from work to visit you so sorry you were unable to check up on your handywork and see if the lads were swimming in the right direction. It seems that at least one was, so again many many many thanks to you and your team"

Mr R

"We are writing to thank you for the surgery you recently performed on Xxxxxx. Based on the fact that he had a reversal before, we clearly noticed a difference in his recovery. There was no bleeding, nor swelling as experienced before and it is absolutely difficult to make out where you made the incisions. We are sorry we have not written earlier but want you to know that we appreciate your expertise….Please extend our sincere greetings to all the medical team you had during the surgery"

Mrs H

"I've had the semen test done, the paper report is in the post. 20 million after 9 months?? - PAH! How does 51 million per ml with 57% rapidly motile sound? You clever bloke you!"

Mr W - 12 weeks post op!