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After the Surgery

I usually advise patients to spend the first 4 days in a semi flat position. It can help to place a cold compress on the scrotum to minimise swelling. I would recommend only very light activities for the first 2 weeks. Certainly you should not work unless you can work from home. You can return to driving once you are confident to perform an emergency stop. I suggest that you should contact your insurance company for advice to confirm this before you drive. It is very important that you do as little as possible during this initial healing phase. The stitches have very little strength and this is the time when the body starts to repair its tissues. By being too active you may impair this delicate healing process. If at all possible you should avoid ejaculation for the first 4 weeks and strenuous physical activity (e.g. cycling) for at least 6 weeks.

When will sperm appear?

For vas to vas joins sperm are often seen at 6 weeks. For vas to epididymis it can take anything from 3 months to 18 months. Initial sperm quality may be poor (proportional to the time of obstruction) but will improve as time passes. The most common time to conceive after surgery is at the 12 month point. Current advice is to have intercourse alternate days to have the best chance of success.



It is vital that the healing process gets off to a good start. I recommend that you take two weeks off work to allow recovery to begin.

Can you perform an emergency stop? If yes then call and check with your insurer.

Sorry, off limits for four weeks!

Many people shy away from telling work colleagues and friends what they've had done. Most people say they've had a hernia repair or groin surgery.