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Personalised Advice

Fertility treatment is complex and due to the variation between couples there is no real substitute for taking advice from a urologist. Trying to turn yourself into a fertility expert by reading the web and applying it to yourself can be a stressful process! To minimise potential stress I try to provide a relaxed and friendly service. I believe that the practice of having a consultation just before surgery puts unacceptable pressure on patients but I do realise that there are real difficulties in travelling the large distances that my patients often cross. We have therefore provided a selection of ways to access that advice in a timely way prior to surgery. Our newest is our 24/7 on-line service, where completion of an on-line questionnaire leads to an assessment of your situation and options by Mr Henley with a full reply within one working day (work allowing!). This is an economical way to get a personalised appraisal without taking any time off work or travelling. The written reply, tailored to your situation is usually between 4-5 pages of detailed opinion. The cost of this is £1.99. Click on the link above or the on-line consultation button to fill in the simple form.

Face to Face

If you would like to come a discuss things further please call The Nuffield Hospital on 01332 540104 for an appointment. You do not need a referral letter from your GP in advance but I will ask permission to notify your GP once we have met. If you have any difficulty getting through then call Amanda Kidd (Nuffield Patient Advisor) on 01332 540 131 between 2 and 3pm.

Telephone Consultation

Many of my patients come from around the UK or overseas. For those that still want the personal touch but want to cut down on the need to drive long distances and take time off work I have set up a telephone consultation service. Telephone consultations cover exactly the same level of detail and explanation as a face to face appointment and are backed up with a formal summary for you and your GP. Most patients who request vasectomy reversal are fit and healthy, the chance of cancellation at the time of surgery is very small. If you wish to make use of this service then please send along one of our patient questionnaires

Telephone consultations are also available on skype or microsoft messenger as webcam consultations if you prefer to see the person you are talking to.

The current price for a forty minute consultation is £180 for more information on operative costs see the 'costs section'



Nuffield appointments on 01332 540104

24/7 On-line Service

Telephone/Webcam Appointments
Email your details from here

Download patient questionnaire

Cheryl Jones

Derby Hospitals 01332 340131 Derby Nuffield 01332 540100

For enquiries contact Amanda Kidd at the Nuffield on 01332 540131 between 2 and 3pm.

Written Referrals
Mr Mike Henley, Derby Nuffield Hospital, Rykneld Road, Littleover, Derby, DE23 4SN.

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